We specialize in health and wellness coaching/psycho-education, to include nutritional guidance, guided meditation, and empowerment/mindfulness training, along with offering reflexology and aromatherapy training. 
Each of these services have been scientifically proven to help with anxiety, depression, pain management, esteem building, ADHD, PTSD, PMS, stress reduction and substance abuse (just to name a few).  It is healing to the physical body as well as to integrate mind, body, and spiritual wellness. 


Coaching psychology is a field of applied psychology that applies psychological theories and concepts to the practice of coaching


Nutritional Guidance

Two new approaches to nutritional guidance aim to avoid the problems inherent in many existing systems, and hope to change the way that nutritional advice can be communicated to the public.


Guided Meditation

During meditation, activity in the parietal lobe slows down. The gatekeeper for the senses, this organ focuses your attention by funneling some sensory data deeper into the brain and stopping other signals in their tracks.


Benefits of Massage, Nutrition, and Mental Health



Mental Health

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Our clients speak

Right Place and Right Person

I found Anna when I didn’t feel like I had anyone who I could truly talk to. That Google search brought me, not only to the right place, but to the right person. Anna has helped me through so much and has helped changed the way I process my own thoughts and feelings, instead of telling me what I’m doing wrong. She actually listens and guides instead of trying to tell you what to do or change.

Helpful and Knowledgeable

Anna has been very helpful in my diagnosis of OCD, and helping me to love the person I am. She has been a catalyst in my life becoming what it is today, a lot happier. She is extremely professional, non-judgmental, and very knowledgeable. Thank you!
– Peyton